1972... Vietnam rages on, over 50,000 American soldiers killed, and the military draft will be determined by a lottery on live television.
You're 18 and tonight, your fate will be decided by the...
...the one lottery you don’t want to win.
"Contemporary connections about war make it more than just entertainment."
Haskell Wexler, 2 - time Academy Award Winner
"This guy is the Hitchcock of short films!"
Lisa R., N.Y. political analyst and film buff.
CHILLING! The memory of watching that sadistic ritual comes back instantly. I had two teenaged boys eating breakfast in front of me while Iraq #2 was revving up and taking off. I'm kind of glad I did not see this back then, just a few short years ago. It would have been incredibly disturbing!
Harry E. Butson, CFP®, CRPC®
"Resnick tackles the draft in noteworthy fashion;
educating the masses about the long-forgotten lottery and spinning a yarn of Rod Serling-ish proportions."

-Bob Sharka, Friends Of Film


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